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Create your custom Facebook Live Votings

with Reactions using our Templates 
and publish them on your Fan Page in one click

Explode your Page Engagement through Facebook Live Voting trend

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Facebook Live Votings

Watch our video instruction:

What is Facebook Live Voting?  

After the sensational elections in USA...

...Live Voting posts with Facebook Reactions counting became very popular...

...cause they indicated the total of pressed "Like", "Love" ets, inside a video.


Here is an example:



These Live polls will bring you an enormous Engagement  

For example, according to in October the best UNILAD Page post had got 800,000+ Likes, but only in first week in November hence to Facebook Live Voting UNILAD have got: 1,900,000+ Likes!!!    

The good news is...

That nowadays Facebook Live Votings are at the peak of their popularity...

...And you can publish a Vote each day with a new topic:

► Cats vs dogs,

► Tea vs coffee,

► Spring vs autumn,

► Blondes vs brunettes,

► High heels vs flats,

► Lark vs Owl,

► Apple iOS vs android



Everything depends only on your imagination!

But here is a problem

To understand how to create a Facebook Live with Reactions Voting, you need to be a programmer :((

VideoReact - is the ultimate solution to the problem

Webservice VideoReact enables you to create a Vote through one of our three Temlates and make a live broadcasted post on Facebook Page in one click!!!

Just do these 3 steps

Choose 1 of 3 templates

Pick your Facebook Page, choose a voting template, upload you pictures, add pictures' titles, add text for post status, save.

Paste generated link and key in OBS Studio settings

VideoReact will generate Stream Key and Stream URL which you need to copy and paste in OBS Studio sowtware. After that you will see a preview.

Start streaming

Press Start Streaming button in OBS Studio. Facebook Live with voting will be published on your Page automatically. Go to your Page and watch how reactions' conuter increasing.

Here is some examples of Facebook Live Votings created in VideoReact 

What is necessary for You to launch a Facebook Live Voting with Reactions counting? 

You will need:


► Free software OBS Studio (download it on an official website –  video guide for installation and configuring you can watch after registration)

► Good high speed Internet connection (3Mb/s or higher - you can test your upload speed on



Install OBS Studio software

Sign up on

Choose your Facebook Page where a Live Voting Post will be published

Choose on of 3 templates (2 reactions, 4 reactions or custom design)

Upload your pictures (add Titles for pictures in Template #1)

Add a Text Status to your future Live Voting post

VideoReact will generate Stream Key and Stream URL, which you will copy and paste into the OBS Studio settings (watch our video guide after registration)

Push the button "Start Streaming" in OBS Studio 

Facebook Live post will be published on chosen Page automatically. That's all. Follow the counter:))



Install OBS Studio
It is free, there are Windows and other OS versions


Sign up on
Just click the Red button


Choose a Facebook page, upload images, add your text 

Come up with the topic of the poll and upload pictures


Insert generated Stream Key and Stream URL into OBS Studio

You may find detailed instructions in our video guide after Singing up


Strat Streaming from OBS Studio. Go to Your Facebook Page and follow the counter indicators.

VideoReact will create a Facebook Live post, reflecting all the necessary information and Reactions counter

Choose your subscription plan 



per month



lifetime access

UNLIMITED per month


up to 4 hours of each streaming

up to 4 hours of each streaming

2 reactions template

4 reactions template

1 custom template

2 reactions template

4 reactions template

1 custom template

Free video guide

Free video guide

Free support

Free support

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