Terms of use


1.1. By logging into videoreact.com, you automatically agree to the terms of use described in this agreement.

1.2. Online service videoreact.com (hereinafter - VideoReact) for its authorized users (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") an online service, namely:

- creating single-page html-sites,

- the publication of these html-sites on the client pages in the social network Facebook (further - Facebook)

- Counting the sums of Facebook-reactions under these publications and displaying these amounts as counters for each of the Facebook-reactions separately on the created html-site in the online mode with a delay of 10 seconds.

- and also generates the necessary settings for third-party software OBS Studio (hereinafter - OBS), which technically organizes the translation of the created html-site to the client page in Facebook live.

1.3. Officially, Facebook does not approve the use of reactions for voting (https://en.facebookbrand.com/assets/reactions), so you agree that you use the VideoReact service at your own risk and have no claims on this basis, including on return money.

1.4. OBS does not belong to VideoReact.

1.5. To be Facebook Live continuously, OBS must be opened on the client's computer throughout the live broadcast.

1.6. During the Facebook live broadcast, you can close Facebook, VideoReact.

1.7. The recommended Internet bandwidth on the client side is 3 Mb / s and higher.

Responsibility of the parties

2.1. VideoReact is not responsible for a stable Internet connection on the client side.

2.2. VideoReact is not responsible for the stability of OBS.

2.3. VideoReact is not responsible for the mismatch of the client's operating system with OBS technical requirements.

2.4. Settings in VideoReact Client fills with the provided designer

2.5. The user fills the settings in the OBS based on the instruction provided in VideoReact

2.6. VideoReact is not responsible for the erroneous filling of the OBS settings by the Client.

2.7. The required sizes of the "Broadcast" and "Source" settings in OBS are 768 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.

Tariffs and payment

3.1. Tariffs are quoted in US dollars for informational purposes.

3.2. Payment with PayPal takes place in the currency that PayPal will indicate. Payment for using Yandex.Money is in rubles. Payment with Webmoney takes place in the currency, the purse of which was chosen by the Client. Payment by bank card can be in any currency (converting occurs between banks automatically).

3.3. VideoReact does not store Customer payment data.

3.4. VideoReact has two tariff plans: First tariff - with payment each month, Second tariff - with payment for ever. "Forever" means that the user, having paid once, will be able to use the service for as long as the service will exist.

3.5. VideoReact may terminate at any time, for example, due to changes in the Facebook Policy, API code, or for some other reason independent of the service developers.